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The best known ones are Kievsky, which is very popular in our country, which is a kind of chicken fries made by wrapping the chicken cut in the thickness of a finger or crushed with butter and wrapping it in galeta. The tastes I have chosen for you from a wide list are Borsch, a type of vegetable soup.

and Varenky, a similar type of ravioli reminiscent of the lazy mantı in Batumi. Those who consume vodka or beer instead of water and want to accompany Kiev residents at the level of promil can order Medovukha, a medium-hard alcoholic beverage made from honey, with the meal. While we are talking about ready-made local delicacies, let’s list the souvenir shopping venue alternatives to be made for friends.

For example, the Matryoshkans, or Matryoskas, a classical East Slavic culture symbol. Apart from the motif of a girl wearing classical local clothes, you can also find Matryoshkaes in different themes depicting Soviet leaders, fairy-tale characters or pop stars, for example. I can recommend “Bulava” to those who say that this is very classic. I know it does not resemble anything, but I think if I say that I am talking about the wooden knob in Ruslana’s hand, you will understand what I am trying to explain.

We can list the classic round wood painting “Petrikivska”, the traditional Ukrainian towel “Rushnik” or the decorative easter eggs “Pyonska” as different options. Those looking for a more mischievous gift can teach their victims what a hard drink means with “Horilka”, a Ukrainian vodka with honey and red hot pepper. The place where you can find all these souvenirs and of course magnets with the most abundant alternatives is Andriyivskyi Slope. This steep and winding street, which is one of the most famous streets of Kiev, is one of the most important touristic spots of the city with its street artists, painters, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, even if it requires a little fitness. Another alternative for souvenir shopping is the Museum of Rural Life and Folk Architecture in Pirogovo Village, located a little outside the city. In this open-air museum spread over an area of ​​150 hectares, examples of folk architecture collected from all regions of Ukraine are exhibited. 94 old diary

In this museum where you can observe life and people, the historical structure of the houses has been preserved. Employees wear local clothes. There are also places like restaurants and cafes. The sale of alcohol is free here as everywhere else. You can even go to see the small handicraft shops and taste the Ukrainian local food, which I mentioned earlier. Those of you who are careful while spending time in the city, especially on the banks of the Dnieper, will notice that there is a huge statue piercing the silhouette outside the monasteries on the ridge of a hill to the south. The place where you will reach this steel woman winking from afar. World War Museum, also known as the Great Patriotic War Museum. This museum, which was organized in memory of the soldiers and civilians lost in the years of the German occupation, which ended in 1944 when the Soviet army entered the city and lasted for nearly four years and ended with the death of 7-8 million Ukrainians, is enough reason to go to Kiev by itself. Sword in one hand and USSR coat of arms in the other

This tough woman, 203 meters high and 560 tons in weight, is the Mother Of The Motherland Statue, or Mother of the Motherland, together with the museum carrying an engraved shield and functioning as a pedestal under it.

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